Terms of Service

  • Returns, Refunds & Cancellations – Refunds and cancellations will not be honored after 48 hours from the date your coop was purchased. Due to the custom nature of our coops, Coops are not returnable.

Delivery – Delivery time for most coops is estimated at 4-8 weeks after purchase. We deliver and setup ALL of our coops personally. We do not do the ground-prep. that is up to you. Delivery dates may vary due to component availability, unforeseen weather events.

Warranties – All coops and runs are backed by a 1-year (12 month) limited warranty covering material defects and workmanship. The warranty does not cover defects or malfunction caused by misuse, abuse, or improper maintenance, failure to follow site preparation instructions or any acts of nature. Proper maintenance, including painting or staining is required to validate the warranty. Additional manufacturer warranties apply to our roofing (metal and shingle roofs carry 40 year manufacturer defect warranties) and trim and siding components (50 year manufacturer defect warranty) included with your Coop. We do not warrant or guarantee your coop and pen to be predator free - predator/critter proofing is up to you!

Recommendations – Central Oregon Chicken Coops recommends carrying additional insurance for coops in the event of circumstances that may result in damage, such as, but not limited to, natural catastrophic events, subsequent moving of the coop, etc.

Changes to Terms of Sale – Occasionally, we may make changes to these Terms of Sale. If we make changes, we will post them on our website so that our customers are up to date on any such changes.