Brought in by popular demand.... Rabbit hutches with pens!
Hutch A

2x4 Hutch and Pen $395.00

Other options maybe be available for this hutch

Dimensions are:  Hutch height 40" tall. Hutch is 11" of
36". Pen width is 48" and length is 48"

For ordering information please email
or call, text at 541-419-3207
Hutch B

2x6 Rabbit Hutch $295.00

hutch has vents in the back to allow for air flow
2x6 rabbit hutch with 2 separate holes. This in
the summer time.  Inside the hutch you will find
wire and a 12x24" solid platform to help
prevent sore hocks.

Need more holes? Add $40.00 per hole.
This hutch is already stained and ready for use.

  • Dimensions are:  
Not available at
this time
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