Pick your coop size and pen.
(pictured in 3x4 w/4x6)

3x4 $556.00
4x4 $622.00
4x5 $730.00

4X6 $240.00
4x8 $277.00
5x10 $300.00

For ordering information please email
Or call us at 541-419-3207

We offer many different coop and pen sizes! All of our coops come stained in your choice of  Canyon Brown, Redwood, Honey or you can have it
left raw if you would like to paint it! Remember, all of our coops can be made to fit your needs so if you don't see what you are looking for please let
us know.

Delivery  includes set up of coop and pen, this does NOT include us leveling the ground for your coop and pen. We will delivery your coop to your
property and place it. You are responsible for leveling or any ground adjustments that may be needed.
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Pick your coop size and pen.  Coop only available in siding shown.  
You can pick stain color
and roofing color (metal only).

3x4 $625.00
4x4  $745.00
4X5  $899.00
4x6 $1010.00

4x6 $550.00
4x9 $745.00
4x12 $1100.00
4x15 $1375.00
The McKay

4x8 walk in coop.

Features 2 single hung
windows with screens. 6
nesting boxes. Walk in man