I get a lot of questions about if and how many chickens we can I have where I live.  I have put together a page just for that! I am sill
locating some of Oregon's city ordinances but here is a start! These are current codes as of 2/22/14.  I check this often and will do my
best to check the updated. Also, please be aware that is you have a HOME OWNER'S ASSOCIATION, CC&R'S etc. Those rules will
apply before the City's!!

Are Chickens Allowed in this location:  Yes

Chapter 3.6 Special Standards for Certain Uses.

Here is the link. You will need to scroll over until you reach chapter 3.6! I have also copy and pasted the ordinance below.

I. Keeping Farm Animals. The purpose of this section is to regulate the raising and breeding of farm animals on residential lots within the City of
Bend. These activities are considered to be accessory uses subject to the following standards.

1. Types of Animals Allowed.

a. One horse shall have a corral or pasture with a usable area of at least one acre; and for each additional horse, an additional one-half acre is

b. Cows, goats, sheep, swine or other livestock shall not be kept on any parcel or lot with an area less than five acres.

c. No more than four rabbits and/or chickens (hens only, no roosters) are permitted on parcels and lots 5,000 square feet or greater.

2. Sanitation. Proper sanitation shall be maintained for all farm animals. Proper sanitation includes:

a. Accumulation of waste prohibited;

b. Odors resulting from the keeping of farm animals prohibited beyond property lines; and

c. Storing all farm animal food in rodent-proof containers.

3. Fencing. All fencing shall be designed and constructed to confine all farm animals within the owner’s property.

4. Setbacks. All structures that house large farm animals shall be located a minimum of 25 feet from all existing adjacent residences and at least
15 feet from any interior or rear lot line.

Here is the link: page 99  I have also copy and pasted the ordinance below!

8.0365 Keeping of Livestock. The keeping of livestock in any residential zone that permits
the keeping of livestock shall be subject to the following limitations:

1. Livestock excluding horses may not be kept on lots having an area of less than 20,000

2. The required area for horses shall be 10,000 square feet for one horse, 20,000 square
feet for two horses, and 5,000 square feet for each additional horse.

3. Cows, goats, and sheep shall have a fenced corral or pasture with a usable area of at
least 10,000 square feet per animal.

4. The number of chickens, fowl, and/or rabbits shall not exceed one for each 500 square
feet of property.

5. Animal runs or barns, chicken or fowl pens shall be located on the rear half of the
property not closer than 50 feet from any residence off of the subject property.

6. Animals, chickens, and/or fowl shall be properly caged or housed, and proper
sanitation shall be maintained at all times. All animal or poultry food shall be stored in
metal or other rodent-proof containers.

7. No enclosure for horses, cows, goats, sheep or other livestock shall be located closer
than 50 feet to a dwelling off of the subject property.

8. Fences used for enclosing livestock shall be kept in good repair and be at least four
feet in height.

[Section 8.0365 amended by Ord. #2010-10 passed October 26, 2010]