Welcome to Central Oregon Chicken Coops. We are located in Terrebonne, Oregon. My name is Steve Herbert and I have
been a finish carpenter for over 18 years.  I was looking for a change, something my wife and I could do together, so we
decided to start building chicken coops. We had no idea they were in such demand.

After looking around at our competition, we felt that we could provide a much better product at a lower cost.  Our goal from the
beginning has been to provide the best value that can be found anywhere.

We have raised our own chickens for 8 years nows. He have raised egg layers, dual purpose, Game Bantams and meat birds.  
Our son shows the Game Bantams for 4-H and has also raised Cornish Cross for the market pen. It's been a lot of fun and an
exciting adventure for our family.  

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at our coops.  Please let us know if we can help with your backyard chickens!
Meet the Herbert's!
Above: Ashlynn holding Frisbee, a Red  
Below: Blake at the 2013 Deschutes County
Fair doing showman ship with his game
Above: Blake holding his  Brown Red Old
English Game Bantam.  This guy will be at
the fair this year, so come out and check
him out!
Left: Some of
our baby
chicks that
we hatched
in July of 2011
Below: Our bantam (Cookie) and her baby chicks!
Below: Blake taking his market birds to auction!